[Panero's reputation “FLARE PANTS COLLECTION” charm]


[“Flare Denim Pants” Black]
[“Flare Denim Pants” Desert/Indigo Blue]
["Synthetic Leather Flare"]


-The charm of flare pants collection-

"Flare pants", which is adopted by the fashionable people in the world, will thoroughly analyze the appeal of Panero's proud work "Flare Pants Collection".

In the first place, flare pants are characteristic pants that have been expanded from the knees to the hem, which were very popular in the 1970s, and caused an explosive re -boom as a new trend in modern fashion.

The charm of such flare pants lies in the "good silhouette that makes the leg line look beautiful". The silhouette spreading toward the hem produce a style -up and foot -length effect, giving a slender impression.


Panero [Instant delivery] Panero "Flare Denim Pants" Flare Denim Pants (Black)

Black of flare denim pants that boasts overwhelming support in Panero "Flare Pants Collection". The biggest attraction is a tight skinny silhouette from hips to knees. From the knees to the hem, the silhouette that stands out the beauty of the flare line that falls with the ston is realized. It is a specification that can embody a tight and beautiful line silhouette from any angle.

The smooth denim fabric is a slimfit specification, comfortable, and has excellent functionality that can be worn with a tight making.

The versatile black color that does not choose tops and shoes is a versatile item that can be useful in various scenes, and has gained popularity as a timeless dish that creates the impression of a cool adult full of mode.

Panero "Basic 60mm Heel Boots" Produces a style up with heel boots


Panero [Instant delivery] Panero "Flare Denim Pants" Desert Blue Flare Denim Pants (Desert Blue)
Panero [Instant delivery] Panero "Flare Denim Pants" Indigo Blue Flare Denim Pants (Indigo Blue)

Destr -blue and indigo blue with a color that combines casualness and adultness. A popular item that gives color to coordination in addition to the sophisticated and beautiful line silhouette similar to black.

The clean hue that does not claim too much is easy to match with various outfits, and it is a dish that can embody not only heel boots but also the compatibility with sneaker style.

["Synthetic Leather Flare"]

[Instant delivery] Panero "Synthetic Leather Flare" Leather Flare Pants

Leather flare pants climbed up to the top -selling items from the start of online sales. It uses smooth, glossy and high -quality synthetic leather, is a tight silhouette and is a slim fit specification and comfortable to wear, so you can use it in various scenes.

While creating a lock impression unique to leather, it creates a neat and adult atmosphere, and the overall styling is outstanding. By incorporating leather items, you can manage the usual coordination and embody adult fashion that makes a difference with the surroundings.


This time, I introduced the charm of Panero's representative work "Flare Pants Collection". Panero thinks of the customer's reality first, pursues ideals more than anywhere else, from selecting materials to silhouettes, and detailed details, and constantly working on product development that shines the lifestyle of customers over the screen.

From that philosophy, in "Flare Pants Collection", I would like you to wear a size that suits your body type, and want to guide you with items that you can use in the long run. We also emphasize "abundance". It is expanded small according to the needs of our customers from up to 26 sizes to 34 sizes, and we are working to make the most of the charm as possible. Please try to embody a timeless dish that will not be swept away by the times, "Flare Pants Collection".