[Attractiveness of PANERO's popular “flare pants collection”]


[The charm of the “flare pants collection”]
[“flare denim pants” Black]
[“flare denim pants” desert/indigo blue]
[“Synthetic leather flare”]
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[Flare Pants Collection]

-Attractive Flare Pants Collection-

"Flare pants" that fashionable people all over the world are adopting This time, we will thoroughly analyze the appeal of the masterpiece "flare pants collection" that Panero is proud of.

In the first place, flare pants are pants characterized by a silhouette that spreads from the knees to the hem, which were all the rage in the 1970s, and have caused an explosive resurgence as a new trend in modern fashion.

The appeal of such flared pants lies in the "good silhouette that makes your leg lines look beautiful". The silhouette that spreads toward the hem enhances your style and makes your legs look longer, giving you a more slender impression.

[flare pants Black]

PANERO [Instant delivery] PANERO "flare denim pants" flare denim pants (black)

Black flare denim pants boasting overwhelming support in the PANERO “flare pants collection”. The biggest attraction is the tight skinny silhouette from the hips to the knees. From the knee down to the hem, the flared line that falls smoothly creates a silhouette that stands out. It is a specification that can embody a tight and beautiful line silhouette from any angle.

The smooth denim fabric has a slim fit and is comfortable to wear, and it is a highly functional item that can be worn without stress while being tight.

The versatile black color goes well with any top or shoes, making it a versatile item that can be useful in a variety of situations.

Combine with PANERO “Basic 60mm heel boots” heel boots to further enhance your style

[flare pants desert blue / indigo blue]

PANERO [Instant delivery] PANERO "flare denim pants" desert blue flare denim pants (desert blue)
PANERO [Instant delivery] PANERO "flare denim pants" indigo blue

Desert blue and indigo blue are attractive colors that combine casualness and adultness. In addition to the sophisticated and beautiful line silhouette similar to black, this popular item adds color to your outfit.

The clean color that is not overly overstated makes it easy to match with a variety of outfits, and it goes well with heel boots, as well as sneakers, making it a truly "rich casual" item.

[“Synthetic leather flare”]

[Instant delivery] PANERO "Synthetic leather flare" leather flare pants

Leather flare pants that have climbed to the top of the best-selling items with the momentum of breaking bamboo since the online sale started. Made of high-quality synthetic leather with a smooth and glossy feel, it has a tight silhouette and a slim fit that is comfortable to wear and can be worn in a variety of situations.

While producing the rock impression peculiar to leather, it creates a clean and mature atmosphere, making the overall styling stand out. By incorporating leather items, you can add dignity to your usual coordination and embody adult fashion that stands out from the surroundings.

[In the end]

This time, we introduced the charm of the representative product “flare pants collection” that PANERO is proud of. At PANERO, we put the customer's experience first, pursue the ideal from the selection of materials, silhouettes, and details, and always strive to develop products that brighten the lifestyle of our customers beyond the screen.

Based on that philosophy, the "flare pants collection" wants customers to wear the size that fits their body shape, and we want to introduce items that can be used regularly for a long time. We also place an emphasis on abundance. From a maximum of 26 sizes to 34 sizes, we are developing in small increments according to customer needs, and we are striving to convey its appeal to the maximum. Please try to embody the timeless “flare pants collection” with your own hands.