BLACK FRIDAY Black Friday Sale


      [Limited time] 11/25 (Fri)-11/30 (Wed)

      The last super oversized sale of the year where you can buy that item you wanted at a great price

      [MAX40%OFF] There is no doubt about the competition..."First come, first served"

      🎁Special Triple Chance 🎁

      moreover…! ! During the Black Friday period, we are carrying out a triple chance campaign where you can purchase all items other than sale items with " 10% OFF " and "free shipping" 🎁✨

      [Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY10]

      * It will end as soon as the coupon runs out

      * Coupons and free shipping campaigns can be used for purchases of 15,000 yen or more.

      * Please note that the sale item and coupon code cannot be used together.

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